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        News and Updates

        • Reduced Antimony Trioxide (ATO) Flame Retardant Solutions
          Reduced Antimony Trioxide (ATO) Flame Retardant Solutions – for healthier and more environment friendly products Antimony Trioxide Regulatory Status: A carcinogen is a substance that may cause cancer or increase its incidence by […]
        • Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides
          Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides – trends and new products Mega trends affecting the market: Grow More With Less Global population is expected to exceed 9 billion people in 2050. Food […]
        • Black is the new Green
          A sustainable alternative to Carbon Black: A new solution for sorting and recycling of black plastic products making our circular economy better Black plastic can be recycled like most other recyclable plastics. However, the pigments based […]
        • Diffusion Technology: high performance diffusing solutions for Polycarbonate and PMMA films and sheets
          Kafrit presents: High performance diffusing solutions for Polycarbonate and PMMA films and sheets The world nowadays is moving rapidly towards using state of the art optical properties in a variety of applications such as: Lenses with […]
        • Anticorrosion Masterbatch – VCI
          Protective film – VCI mechanism VCI – Volatising Corrosion Inhibitor – is a group of organic chemicals, a mixture of contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. VCIs are added to the film to protect treated metals. VCI […]
        • Nucleating Technology
          High performance nucleating solutions enabling blown film extrusion with polypropylene. Developed by KAFRIT in cooperation with BASF. Better utilization of resources, energy, and film converting assets becomes essential to supply technical […]
        • Colors for outdoor applications
          UV radiation is intense enough to detach one or more electrons from the polymer molecule, thereby cutting and shortening the polymer chains and causing degradation of the mechanical properties. As a result, the product will become more […]
        • New antiblock (AB) additives from Kafrit
          Antiblocks by Kafrit: a wide range of blocking prevention solutions and BOPE additives that are becoming more common due to the demand for recyclable uniform materials. […]
        • Reclosable Technology
          Today, due to reduction in the modern family unit, there is a growing demand for food packages that can be resealed a few times after the first use. Reclosability / Resealability is important in order to: Maintain the product’s freshness.  […]
        • Antimicrobial Additives
          Antimicrobial is used to describe substances which demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses. […]
        • Kafrit Presents Developments that Support Sustainability and Recycling
          Among the solutions: a family of bio-biodegradable polymers that feature high oxygen barrier properties, an additive package based on carriers from renewable sources, as well as an additive package focused on improving standard recycling products and increasing the use of recycled materials in the industry. […]
        • Effect of Processing Aid Additives on Flow Instabilities and Die Build Up
          Flow instabilities are one of the major challenges of extrusion. They are also joined by the phenomenon of "dirt" buildup on the face of the die that necessitates shutting down the equipment for cleaning. Fortunately, polymer processing aids (PPA) come to our aid, producing a conveniently smooth sliding surface for flow on the metal surface and significantly reducing the problem. […]