Working together for the future of plastics.
Working together for the future of plastics.


Around the world, we have hundreds of talented colleagues and partners. All with unique skills, multidisciplinary knowledge, and deep industry experience. Innovators with brilliant ideas and the drive to see them through. People striving for excellence in everything they do.

But the real magic happens when we work together. There’s a spark, an energy. A belief that anything is possible. And that’s how we provide the best solutions for our customers.


After decades in the plastics industry, we have more than high levels of expertise, a strong focus on customer service, and vast technical knowledge. We also have a burning passion for innovation and transformation. A passion that drives us to seek out new solutions, new machinery, and fresh ways to give our customers just what they need.

And with the latest technology in our hands and new innovations within our grasp, there’s only one question. How far can we go?

Together To The Future

The world doesn’t stand still, and nor do we. We’re always looking ahead, searching for new ways to sustainably grow and thrive. To push our technology and keep working on the next generation of solutions to benefit our customers. Working together in perfect synergy to achieve something great, today and tomorrow. Together we have the power to drive the future of plastics – within our community and around the world. And we’ll keep doing it, today, tomorrow and always.

Dream your color 

Looking for a specific Pantone color to match your product design? We are here to help you achieve the exact color you dream of! Kafrit holdes a long-term licensing agreement with Pantone and has been approved as an authorized Pantone master-batch color supplier for the plastics industry. Just choose any color out of thousands of options available to you and make your dream come true.

Color development is what we specialize in

In addition to master-batch color production, we are also developing the formulations for all existing and under-development Pantone colors for the plastics industry. Over 4,000 different products have been color-matched in Kafrit and the exact color formula has been chosen for them. That includes challenging color adjustments such as metallic, pearls, bright and reflective colors. All color formulations are made for Pantone’s Central Laboratory in the United States and are certified by them.

Made with care by Kafrit

Our commitment to colors is full. Therefore, we have taken another step forward and in addition to producing and developing color formulations, we also manufacture the official-colored plastic chips for Pantone. Thus, when ordering a color master-batch from Kafrit, you can be 100% sure that it will match the Pantone’s colored chip that you hold in your hands. The plastic chips production is done under long-term and exclusive agreement with Pantone

Design and photo by Jonatan vaknin

KAFRIT IL Annual customers conference

KAFRIT IL annual customer conference was held on June 14, 2023.

The conference focused on new products and applications that will meet the needs of the market now and in the future, and especially on the development of innovative, sustainable products and collaborations with Israeli start-up companies to bring the best innovation for a better future for plastics.

Design and photo by Jonatan vaknin



Alon Kessler

General Manager

Roee Levi

Sales & Marketing Manager

Hanna Schwartz

R&D Manager

David Epstein

Purchasing Manager

Yifat Shomer

Operation Manager

Moran Bilder

Budget and control manager

Einav Zafani

HR Manager

Our history

Kafrit is founded in
Kibbutz Kfar Aza, Israel
IPO in the Tel Aviv
stock exchange
Constab Polyolefin Additives
Joins the Kafrit Group
Suzhou Constab Engineering Plastic
joins the Kafrit Group
Kafrit North America
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Polyfil Inc.
joins the Kafrit Group
Addvanze AB
join the Kafrit Group
Delta Kunststoffe AG
joins Kafrit Group

Our Vision

To be the preferred technological partner for manufacturers in the plastics industry in Israel and around the world, through innovative and advanced technological solutions that are individually tailored to the needs of our customers