Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides

Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides – trends and new products



Mega trends affecting the market: Grow More With Less

  • Global population is expected to exceed 9 billion people in 2050.
  • Food production needs to increase by 60%
  • Water scarcity
    • Water use growing double the rate of population increase
    • Over 40% of people will be affected by water scarcity in 2050
    • Agriculture accounts for 70% of all fresh water consumption (95% in some developing countries!)
  • Soil/Land
    • Shrinking arable land
    • A third of soil is degraded (erosion, nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, pollution)

Market needs and trends

  • Longer lasting films
  • Maintaining all functional properties of the film (mechanical, optical, hydrophilicity, etc.)
  • Energy saving & improved productivity (thermal screens, double cladding, “cooling” films
  • New fumigants. Soil disinfection with chloropicrin. TIF fumigation barrier films should withstand high amount of Cl
  • High chemicals stability: Constant growth in Agrochemical usage up to 5,000 ppm Sulfur, 200 ppm Cl,150 ppm Fe. Sulfur – “environmentally friendly”  allowed in organic farming and integrated pest management (IPM)

Kafrit R&D Methodology

  • Scientific analysis
  • Wide data base
  • All new formulas are tested in our Lab (accelerated (Xenon Arc, QUV) & outdoor weathering)
  • Since 2009 cooperation with Government experimental farm with full agronomic support for new formulations development
  • Own Field trials & with leading additive suppliers
  • Commercial trials with customers around the globe

Kafrit NEW products

  • Chemical’s resistant: S and Cl
  • UVA 00701 LD UVA 07160 LD
  • EXP (1990/60) & EXP (1930/60)

Performance of different UVA MBs under sulfur treatment – extensive field trials


  • Walk-in tunnels.
  • Experimental farm
  • 160 kLy/year
  • PE/EVA 3 layers films, 180 mm
  • Weekly Sulfur evaporation

Excellent sulfur resistant of UVA 00701 LD, as standard NOR based solution (UVA 0G150 LD).

Superior Sulfur resistance of UVA 07160 LD.

3 years field trials with roses and peppers growers – 180 mm, LD/EVA


  • Excellent sulfur resistant of UVA 00701 LD, as standard NOR based solution (UVA 0G150 LD)
  • Superior performance of UVA 07160 LD compares to standard NOR and Ni based solutions. 70% retained strength after 36 months at the field. 2700 ppm S

Persistent UV absorption with UVA 00701 LD and UVA 07160 LD


140-160 kLy/year, 2700 ppm S.

UVA 00701 LD keeps on ca. 70% UV blocking even after 3 years at the field.

Outdoor weathering with chemical treatment – Chlorine based insecticide


  • UVA EXP I (1990/60) and EXP II (1930/60) significantly outperforms standard solutions in Chlorine environment. (more than 500 ppm of Cl)
  • Samples are available for trials with customers.

UVA MBs with no influence on pollination & color development – UVA 07920 LD

UV stabilizers’ MB with Partial UV absorption and “UV open”

  • Plants that need UV light for color development (eggplants, red salad, nectarines, flowering pot plants)
  • Greenhouses where pollination by bumblebees or honeybees is used
  • Integrated Pest Management

UV vis transmittance spectrum, 200 micron 6.5% UV MB. Transmittance between 300nm to 380nm

QUVA exposure: UV absorber loss rate, after 1500 hours


  • UVA 07920 LD (UVA 3) permit high transmission in UVA region (more than 30% in 200 micron at 6% dosing )
  • UVA 07920 LD (UVA 3) has excellent photo-stability (less 15% after ca.1500 hours at QUV)
  • UVA 3 is not listed as potential candidate in SVHC list (as vPvB), therefore safety to use. No regulatory restrictions.

Chemicals resistant UV MBs by Kafrit


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