KAFRIT IL Annual customers conference

KAFRIT IL annual customer conference was held on June 14, 2023.

The conference focused on new products and applications that will meet the needs of the market now and in the future, and especially on the development of innovative, sustainable products and collaborations with Israeli start-up companies to bring the best innovation for a better future for plastics.

At the conference Kafrit presented some of its latest developments: PFAS FREE products, Crossitol – a breakthrough technology of polyethylene crosslinking using UV radiation and advanced UV masterbatches used in Agricultural films enhancing the pollination activity of the bees.

In addition, collaborations with the KEENAF VENTURE company with which we developed sustainable compounds based on Kenaf plant natural fibers and the NEMO NANO company offering improved performance such as EMI shielding, electrical and thermal conductivity and improved mechanical properties using a disruptive technology to perfectly disperse Nano particles mainly using Carbon Nano Tubes.

Feel free to contact us for more details: 

PFAS FREE – Mrs. Hanna Schwartz, hanna@kafrit.co.il, +972-50-789-1726

Crossitol – Mr. MIKE Cooper, mcooper@kafrit.co.il, +972-54-252-9299

Advance UV masterbatches –  Mrs. Hanna Schwartz, hanna@kafrit.co.il, +972-50-789-1726

KEENAF VENTURE & NANO NEMO – Mr. Nadav Goldstein, nadav@kafritgroup.com, +972-50-6491-865 

KASA – Mr. Roee Levi, rlevi@kafrit.co.il, +972-54-648-7367