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        November 5th 2020
        2 min read

        Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides

        Stabilization of greenhouses films under severe treatment with pesticides – trends and new products

        greenhouses films

        Mega trends affecting the market: Grow More With Less

        • Global population is expected to exceed 9 billion people in 2050.
        • Food production needs to increase by 60%
        • Water scarcity
          • Water use growing double the rate of population increase
          • Over 40% of people will be affected by water scarcity in 2050
          • Agriculture accounts for 70% of all fresh water consumption (95% in some developing countries!)
        • Soil/Land
          • Shrinking arable land
          • A third of soil is degraded (erosion, nutrient depletion, acidification, salinization, pollution)

        Market needs and trends

        • Longer lasting films
        • Maintaining all functional properties of the film (mechanical, optical, hydrophilicity, etc.)
        • Energy saving & improved productivity (thermal screens, double cladding, “cooling” films
        • New fumigants. Soil disinfection with chloropicrin. TIF fumigation barrier films should withstand high amount of Cl
        • High chemicals stability: Constant growth in Agrochemical usage up to 5,000 ppm Sulfur, 200 ppm Cl,150 ppm Fe. Sulfur – “environmentally friendly”  allowed in organic farming and integrated pest management (IPM)

        Kafrit R&D Methodology

        • Scientific analysis
        • Wide data base
        • All new formulas are tested in our Lab (accelerated (Xenon Arc, QUV) & outdoor weathering)
        • Since 2009 cooperation with Government experimental farm with full agronomic support for new formulations development
        • Own Field trials & with leading additive suppliers
        • Commercial trials with customers around the globe

        Kafrit NEW products

        • Chemical’s resistant: S and Cl
        • UVA 00701 LD UVA 07160 LD
        • EXP (1990/60) & EXP (1930/60)

        Performance of different UVA MBs under sulfur treatment – extensive field trials

        Performance of different UVA MBs

        • Walk-in tunnels.
        • Experimental farm
        • 160 kLy/year
        • PE/EVA 3 layers films, 180 mm
        • Weekly Sulfur evaporation

        Excellent sulfur resistant of UVA 00701 LD, as standard NOR based solution (UVA 0G150 LD).

        Superior Sulfur resistance of UVA 07160 LD.

        3 years field trials with roses and peppers growers – 180 mm, LD/EVA

        field trials with roses and peppers

        • Excellent sulfur resistant of UVA 00701 LD, as standard NOR based solution (UVA 0G150 LD)
        • Superior performance of UVA 07160 LD compares to standard NOR and Ni based solutions. 70% retained strength after 36 months at the field. 2700 ppm S

        Persistent UV absorption with UVA 00701 LD and UVA 07160 LD

        140-160 kLy/year, 2700 ppm S.

        UVA 00701 LD keeps on ca. 70% UV blocking even after 3 years at the field.

        Outdoor weathering with chemical treatment – Chlorine based insecticide

        • UVA EXP I (1990/60) and EXP II (1930/60) significantly outperforms standard solutions in Chlorine environment. (more than 500 ppm of Cl)
        • Samples are available for trials with customers.

        UVA MBs with no influence on pollination & color development – UVA 07920 LD

        UV stabilizers’ MB with Partial UV absorption and “UV open”

        • Plants that need UV light for color development (eggplants, red salad, nectarines, flowering pot plants)
        • Greenhouses where pollination by bumblebees or honeybees is used
        • Integrated Pest Management

        UV vis transmittance spectrum, 200 micron 6.5% UV MB. Transmittance between 300nm to 380nm

        UV vis transmittance spectrum

        QUVA exposure: UV absorber loss rate, after 1500 hours

        QUVA exposure

        • UVA 07920 LD (UVA 3) permit high transmission in UVA region (more than 30% in 200 micron at 6% dosing )
        • UVA 07920 LD (UVA 3) has excellent photo-stability (less 15% after ca.1500 hours at QUV)
        • UVA 3 is not listed as potential candidate in SVHC list (as vPvB), therefore safety to use. No regulatory restrictions.

        Chemicals resistant UV MBs by Kafrit

        Chemicals resistant UV MBs by Kafrit

        For more information, please contact:

        Hanna Schwartz
        R&D Manager
        Kafrit Industries (1993) LTD
        Tel: +972-8-6809-597 Mobile: +972-50-7891-726

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