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        June 21st 2020
        1 min read

        Nucleating Technology

        High performance nucleating solutions enabling blown film extrusion with polypropylene. Developed by KAFRIT in cooperation with BASF.

        Better utilization of resources, energy, and film converting assets becomes essential to supply technical films in a sustainable and economically viable manner.

        Blown film lines, agile and efficient, are rarely running with polypropylene resins despite a clear interest for this polymer’s intrinsic properties.

        Clarifying and nucleating additives technology can ease processing and provide opportunities to industrially produce high-quality blown films with polypropylene.

        CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP is a unique performance enhancer for polypropylene films. At very low concentration, it provides a good balance between processing stability, mechanical strength, and aesthetic properties.

        The benefits at a glance

        • Recommended Product Form
        • Clarifying and nucleating agents are easily introduced via CONSTAB® masterbatches
        • Dosage of masterbatches between 1% and 5%
        • Increased flowability
        • Improved processing window

        Mechanical Performance

        • Significant increase of stiffness
        • Efficient in both machine and transverse direction
        • Exploits potential of polypropylene in thin films
        • Downgauging without loss in performance

        Improved Aesthetics

        • Drastic reduction of final film’s haziness
        • Removal of flowlines and visual defects
        • Superior gloss and shine

        Supplementary Elements

        • Food contact compliant solution
        • No impact on organoleptic properties
        • Fit for recycling

        Data on this page have been provided by CONSTAB® Polyolefin Additives GmbH – Member of Kafrit Group. BASF’s Irgaclear® technology is formulated into CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP functional masterbatch.

        Polypropylene morphology modification

        Polypropylene morphology modification

        CONSTAB nucleating solutions using BASF Irgaclear® technology will accelerate crystallization, starting at higher temperatures in the polymer melt. The resulting crystallinity and aesthetic properties will be optimized.

        Haze improvement with CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP (BASF Irgaclear® inside)

        Haze improvement with CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP

        Three layer films have been produced and modified to optimize processing and aesthetics.

        Bubble stability using CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP (BASF Irgaclear® inside)

        Bubble stability

        With the introduction of the additive package, visual defects are eliminated with flow line removal and substantial reduction in haziness. Improved polymer melt strength enables stable processing conditions.

        Superior mechanical performance

        Very good intrinsic mechanical properties of polypropylene films are enhanced by the addition of CONSTAB® NC 00607 PP.

        Film thickness: 40 μm – Tensile testing measured in machine direction

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