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        Kafrit Group is a leading producer of Masterbatches and Compounds for the plastics industry and currently employs 450 people. In 2018, the Group achieved a 220 million $ turnover with an available capacity of more than 80,000 MT.
        Moreover, the company is active on a global scale and has set up production sites all over the world.
        All of this began in 1973 when the company was founded in Israel. Since then, the company has grown primarily via acquisitions.
        Today, the Kafrit Group incorporates Kafrit Industries (1993) Ltd. in Israel, CONSTAB Polyolefin Additives GmbH in Germany, China’s Suzhou Constab Engineering Plastics Co. LTD, the Canada-based Kafrit NA Ltd and a US based Polifil Inc. With more than 45 years of experience in the plastics processing industry, the company can draw on high levels of expertise, high level of service and vast technical know-how.

        Management & Leadership

        Avi Zalcman


        azalcman@kafrit.co.il l

        Moody Pruss



        Nadav Goldstein

        VP Business Development & Innovation


        Itzick Sharir

        Chairman of the Board


        Subsidiaries Management

        Olaf Allekotte

        General Manager, Germany


        Yishai Nachmani

        General Manager, China


        Travis Wiens

        President, Canada


        Juan Castaneda

        General Manager, U.S.A


        Alon Kessler

        General Manager


        Our Subsidiary-Companies

        A local approach, around the globe: each company, supported by its experienced and knowledgeable team, promotes the Group’s overall portfolio. The Kafrit Group is therefore able to offer a a complete solution based on global trends with specific adjustments to local needs and requirements


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