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        Injection Molding // Blow Molding

        injection molding

        Individually tailored at your demands:  High-performance Masterbatches to match even ambitious requirements

        Injection molding is a specialized process that can be performed with a host of different polymers. It is a process where plastic is fed through a heated barrel and then forced into a hollow mold. Inside the mold, the plastic cools down and hardens to the form of the cavity.

        Plastics that are subjected to injection molding must be meticulously designed to facilitate the
        molding process.

        In this context, Kafrit Group Masterbatches are very useful since they serve as additives for obtaining
        optimal production qualities such as color consistency. More specifically, we offer high-performance Masterbatches that are specifically designed for injection molding processes. The products we provide will ensure the desired quality characteristics and are tailored to your own individual demands.

        The blow molding manufacturing process subjects plastic particles to a lot of strain. During the process, the plastic is melted down and then goes through complex forming and cooling procedures until it is eventually ejected as a finished part.

        In order to obtain a final product with the desired characteristics, you will require the fine-tuning capabilities of Masterbatches. Depending on your individual requirements, we offer suitable and innovative Masterbatches of the highest quality for all types of blow molding processes including injection molding or extrusion blow molding. Our nucleating agents and cleaning compounds offer additional advantages for quality improvements and will ensure an optimal production process.