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        Diffusion Technology

        Kafrit presents: High performance diffusing solutions for Polycarbonate and PMMA films and sheets

        The world nowadays is moving rapidly towards using state of the art optical properties in a variety of applications such as:

        • Lenses with increased light transmission (high transparency).
        • High LED light stability and a good color consistency (low dE) over life time.
        • Luminaire cover with high diffusivity and high light transmission.
        • Reflectors with a high reflection ratio (>97% 2.5mm).
        • LED lighting technology for home and public lighting systems having properties compatible with new LED lighting
          sources, and new luminaire designs /shapes.

        Our new portfolio is here to provide the right and precise solutions to Polycarbonate and PMMA sheets used in such a demanding application.

        Product range benefits

        • Diffusion of intense LED “Hot Spot”.
        • Maximizing light transmission.
        • Maintain energy efficiency
        • Maximizes brightness (whole light transmission).
        • Hot Spot is blurred and light is well diffused throughout the sheet or film.

        For more information
        Mr. Oren Tsuberi, Polycarbonate Technologist,
        TEL. +972-8-680-9581 ● CEL. +972-50-215-8799 ● EMAIL: