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        CONSTAB and CONPEEL Compounds


        Strong protection, easy peeling with CONSTAB® CONPEEL® Compounds

        CONSTAB offers a range of peel compounds suitable for producing easy-opening PP-Films for food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.


        • The peelable sealing layer is conventionally 8 – 10 µm thick.
        • Due to the pressure of the sealing bar the thickness of the peelable sealing layer is reduced to 2 to 3 µm thickness.
        • Uneven sealing rims can result in unsealed areas. To overcome this higher sealing pressure is often
          necessary. This can result in partially permanent/non-peelable seams.
        • The option of using thicker peelable sealing layers typically leads to the formation of angel hair during opening.
        • CONPEEL® allows thicker peelable sealing layers of up to 20 µm without the formation of angel
          hair and providing a constant peel force.
        • Can be used with CONSTAB AF 00262 PPR antifog masterbatch

        Defined peel force

        The CONPEEL® range offers stable peel forces of between 4 and 15N/15mm depending on your application.


        CONPEEL® compounds show outstanding resistance to hot steam sterilization and can therefore be used for food, medical and pharmaceutical packaging.


        CONPEEL® compounds can be processed on cast and blown film equipment. Films can be sealed on PP-Trays and PP-Films by conventional heat sealing or ultrasonic sealing technology.

        Cohesive peel

        CONPEEL® compounds are designed to provide cohesive peelable seals. CONPEEL is a real ‘seal- and peel‘ solution and gives good hot-tack performance and hermetically proof seals.