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        Company News

        Antimicrobial Additives

        Antimicrobial is used to describe substances which demonstrate the ability to reduce the presence of microorganisms, such as bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.
        UV radiation is intense enough to detach one or more electrons from the polymer molecule, thereby cutting and shortening the polymer chains and causing degradation of the mechanical properties. As a result, the product will become more fragile and brittle, its color will fade, the shine will be lost, the ...
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        Colors for outdoor applications

        Today, due to reduction in the modern family unit, there is a growing demand for food packages that can be resealed a few times after the first use. Reclosability / Resealability is important in order to: Maintain the product’s freshness.  Create an odor barrier – in or out of the package. ...
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        Reclosable Technology

        Among the solutions: a family of bio-biodegradable polymers that feature high oxygen barrier properties, an additive package based on carriers from renewable sources, as well as an additive package focused on improving standard recycling products and increasing the use of recycled materials in the industry.
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        Kafrit Presents Developments that Support Sustainability and Recycling

        Flow instabilities are one of the major challenges of extrusion. They are also joined by the phenomenon of "dirt" buildup on the face of the die that necessitates shutting down the equipment for cleaning. Fortunately, polymer processing aids (PPA) come to our aid, producing a conveniently smooth sliding surface for flow on the metal surface and significantly reducing the problem.
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        Effect of Processing Aid Additives on Flow Instabilities and Die Build Up

        Kafrit has developed a new computational method for estimating the heat load reduction of greenhouse films. The method allows theoretical testing of a variety of solutions before proceeding with field experiments. In addition, a new heat reducing additive based on titanium oxide nano particles has also been developed.
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        Greenhouse cooling challenges: A new method for evaluating the heat load reduction efficiency of various greenhouse solutions

        Kafrit has participated in the world’s largest trade fair for the plastics and rubber industry - K–2019 - which took place in October 2019. With more than 3,200 international exhibitors, we were proud to display the latest developments and trends in the plastics industry. Here are some images from K-2019. Hopefully, ...
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        Kafrit at the K-2019 - Image Gallery