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        BOPE – Sustainable solutions for flexible packaging films with CONSTAB® CON-X Masterbatches

        BOPE – Sustainable mono-material solutions for flexible and food packaging




        BOPE offers distinct advantages over conventional film

        • Winding & CoF – 20 µm, CoF<0.25
        • Optical Properties – haze <3%, metallizable
        • Film Performance – tear, SIT 95º …125º C etc.

        BOPE perceived as the next generation’s reference film

        • Recycle & Waste – PE/PP/EVOH/PA/PET/tie , PE/PE
        • Efficiency & Profit – 100 µm , 40 µm, 1 to/h , 3 to/h
        • Technical Advantages – sealing, tearing, deep freeze, clarity

        CONSTAB supports collaborative value chain networks Together with well-known machine manufacturers, leading PE-polymer manufacturers, and selected film producers, CONSTAB has developed and optimized innovative masterbatch products, dedicated to the demanding requirements of BOPE-film extrusion.

        BOPE masterbatches

        X means “eXtraordinary”

        In order to highlight new and particularly innovative products with outstanding usage properties, we are now marking them with the CONSTAB-X.

        Today, with the new range of BOPE products, we present a series of masterbatches for exceptional BOPE-stretching properties.