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        Blowing Agents

        Blowing a new wind in your products with Kafrit Masterbatches and Compounds

        Chemical Blowing Agents (BA) are added to the polymer, mainly to reduce density by replacing polymer with air. The decomposition of the BA can be either Endothermic or Exothermic.

        Exothermic BAs

        • Release energy during decomposition
        • Are based on hydrazine or azo compounds
        • Have yellowish tint

        Endothermic BAs

        • Consume energy during decomposition
        • Require continuous energy input during the process
        • Are based on bicarbonate and citric acid

        Other advantages of using blowing agents

        • Reducing process temperatures – saves energy
        • Reducing cycle times (in injection molding)
        • Eliminating surface imperfections

        Together with our customers we tailor a specific solution in order to achieve significant added value.

        Our versatile production equipment allows us to combine different technologies and raw materials in order to find an optimized solution.