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        October 27th 2020
        1 min read

        Black is the new Green

        A sustainable alternative to Carbon Black: A new solution for sorting and recycling of black plastic products making our circular economy better

        • Black plastic can be recycled like most other recyclable plastics.
        • However, the pigments based on carbon black cannot be detected by traditional optical sorting methods used in most material recovery facilities, which separate plastics into different polymer streams.
        • Carbon black, even in very low concentrations, absorb light in the near infrared (NIR), meaning no light is reflected back into the NIR detectors for identification.
        • The result is that black plastic ends up as unsorted residue destined for landfill.

        Kafrit’s black MB, CC 90778 LL BLACK, which is a non NIRabsorbing alternative, was developed and optimized to enable sorting and recycling of black plastic products.


        • High tinting strength and opacity
        • NIR-reflectivity at any concentration
        • Extremely heat resistant in all plastics even after multiple processing steps
        • Compliant with AP (89) 1 , EN 71 – 3,94/62/EEC and CONEG regulating heavy metal content
        • Food contact compliant (EU, Japan)
        • Non migrating, no PAA release


        • Use as main shade black or as shader
        • Polyolefins and Engineering plastics (PA, PET, PC…)
        • All black or colored plastics from Food packaging to industrial goods
        • Suitable for micro-wave and oven heated food trays

        Sustainability benefits

        • Sustainable alternative to carbon black
        • Enables all blacks and colorful formulations to be sorted and therefore recyclable
        • Allows multiple product life cycles through mechanical recycling
        • Opens options for closed loop recycling (not degrading, durable)

        For more information please contact:
        Mrs. Hagit On, Technologist & Product Engineer Colors & Special applications
        Tel. +972-8-6809-333, Cel. +972-52-8105690

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