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        August 3rd 2020
        1 min read

        Anticorrosion Masterbatch - VCI

        Protective film – VCI mechanism

        VCI – Volatising Corrosion Inhibitor – is a group of organic chemicals, a mixture of contact and vapor phase corrosion inhibitors. VCIs are added to the film to protect treated metals.

        VCI inhibits corrosion, protecting your customers investment in valuable engines, parts, tools, etc.

        Our product

        • AC 09001 LD
        • Conforming TRGS 615
        • Nitrite free
        • Amine free
        • Let down rate 4 – 8 %
        • Application – PE films


        AC 09001 LD can meet the requirements of:

        • TL 8135-0043
        • MIL-PRF-22019E


        • Automotive
        • Steel
        • Heavy equipment
        • Electronics
        • Aviation & Aerospace
        • Military, defense contractors


        Gusseted Bags

        Applications: Ideal for protecting pallets & racks, liner in bins, wood boxes & crates.

        Markets: Automotive, stamping, casting; Heavy equipment, precision milling, CNC.


        Applications: bottom pallet sheet, layer divider, wrap larger metal objects.

        Markets: Automotive, Heavy Equipment; Steel, Export Packaging.

        Shrink Bags and Film

        Applications: Diesel Engines, Locomotive Parts, Transmission & Gear Boxes, Export Machinery, Long Term Military Storage.

        Markets: Automotive, Heavy Equipment; Steel, Export Packaging.

        Heat seal bags

        Applications: Industrial Screws, Bolts, Nuts, Washers; Bearings, Gears Precision & CNC; Machined Parts.

        Stretch film

        Applications: Steel / Aluminum Profile & Bars; Steel Coils & Wire.

        Markets: Automotive, Heavy Equipment; Steel, Export Packaging.

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        Mobile: +972-54-6487-367

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