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        November 3rd 2019
        3 min read

        New Kafrit anti-static additives support the sustainability trend

        The active ingredients in the additives come from plant-derived ingredients. They are also of dual use in food products and have no hazardous substances indication. They are suitable for packaging products that require Kosher or Halal certificates and have excellent organoleptic properties, without afterodors and are not corrosive.

        Static buildup in packaging is often a problem, because there are electrostatic- sensitive products and because it can interfere with proper packaging. In order to overcome this phenomenon, Kafrit offers a basket of additives that prevent static build-up and have been specially adapted to the sustainability trend and the regulatory changes in various parts of the world.

        The cases where eliminating static electricity is important are many and varied: flow pack packaging, preventing dust accumulation in welding areas, preventing dust accumulation in films and air distribution systems, support for easy opening of sleeves especially in fast packing lines, shrink wrap packaging, twist film packaging (candy packaging), thermoforming sheets, easy handling and opening of rolls, especially in thin films, and easy separation of cups (Fig. 1).

        Figure 1: Applications in which anti-static additives are used

        Figure 1: Applications in which anti-static additives are used


        The right additive for the right application

        Antistatic agents can be composed of different types of chemicals: ester, amino, amide, and polymeric fatty acids, where the active ingredients are obtained from plants, animals or from synthetic or polymer sources.

        When matching the additive to the application, there are several points to consider: First, what is the desired range of activity for the requested application. There are additives that work only in the short-term while others do it in the long-term. In addition, it is important to check for moisture in the product environment as some of the active ingredients rely on moisture that binds with the additive for the desired protection. In a dry packaging environment additives must be matched that operate in another mechanism, without the need for moisture dependency. Other important features are the compliance of the additive to the standards and the regulation, as well as its suitability to the ever-increasing sustainability trend and respect for customer demands.

        Kafrit meets the challenges of our time

        Kafrit is constantly adapting to customer demands and current challenges. Therefore, it has recently developed a range of antistatic solutions that meet standards and regulation and follow the sustainability trend.

        Compliance with the various standards has become increasingly challenging due to the need to obtain food contact certifications and due to existing restrictions on the level of allowable dosage of the active substances, especially those based on migration mechanisms in food packaging (SML). Additional challenges lie in marking the additives under the GHS/CLP standard as hazardous materials and the need to meet the global market demands for Kosher, Halal, and so on. In addition, sustainability, as a leading trend, demands safe food, reliance on renewable sources, and use of materials that do not pose a risk or danger.

        New plant-derived solutions

         Kafrit antistatic additives that conform to the sustainability trend

        Kafrit antistatic additives that conform to the sustainability trend


        Kafrit offers a range of functional plant-based additives with a broad range of activity that successfully address the compliance and sustainability challenges mentioned above (Table 1).

        The active ingredients in the additives come from plant-derived ingredients. They have dual use also in food products and have no indication of hazardous substances. They are suitable for packaging products that require Kosher or Halal certificates. In addition, the additives have excellent organoleptic properties, without afterodors, and are therefore suitable for packaging odor absorbing food (such as milk powder). They are not corrosive to metal and can be used in VCI (Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors) sheets. Their dosage in the sheet is not limited by food contact certifications and can be adjusted until the desired result is obtained.

        In conclusion

        Kafrit’s new anti-static supplements expand the company’s capabilities in line with the sustainability trend and join many additives such as AF, slip, antioxidants, antiblocks, etc., manufactured by the company. Their food contact certifications are extensive and give manufacturers freedom of action in the final application. These products and other Kafrit products will be on display at the K-2019 trade fair in Hall 8A, stand F20.

        For further information: Roy Levy, 054-648-7367,

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